206a Barking Road is a flat in Canning Town, East Ham, London where in 1966, the criminal Frank Mitchell was temporarily held here by the twins. They supplied him with Liza Prescott, a blonde nightclub hostess. The flat was then owned by Lennie Dunn.

Frank Mitchell[edit | edit source]

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Barking road flats.jpg

Frank was picked up by Albert Donoghue, 'Mad' Tommy Smith and Billy Exley from Dartmoor. As the car sped back to London, Frank changed into some clothes provided by Tommy 'The Bear' Brown an ex-boxing champ. They were all elated at how smoothly things had gone, all except Frank Mitchell who didn't show any emotion at all.

It was arranged that he should be taken to Nobby Clark's flat but when they got there he had second thoughts and said that the plans had been changed and that he had to be taken to Lennie Dunn's flat in Canning Town. It was over five hours before Mitchell was reported missing.

Mitchell was later lead out of the flat, and into a van waiting around the corner by Albert Donoghue. After entering the van, Mitchell was shot dead by Freddie Foreman.

The hallway of the flat, taken 1968.

Inside the living room, taken 1968.

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