Violet Kray (Dec 1929) was an English infant, who died only a few hours after birth. She was the only daughter of her parents. Her death had a profound affect on her mother, who always wanted a daughter.

Biography Edit

Born on Kingsland Road, to parents Charles and Violet, she was the younger sister of Charles. She would've become the older sister of Ronnie and Reg, if she'd have survived. Her death had an intense affect on her parents, especially her mother, who always wanted a daughter. The doctors told Charles, that if his wife failed to become pregnant again, she'd fade. Childhood deaths were nothing out of the ordinary then, with Pneumonia and Tuberculosis, the greatest killers followed by Diphtheria and Malnutrition. Reggie Kray would later find a small dried carnation taken from her funeral wreath when he was older as mentioned in 2010 book, Reggie Kray's East End Stories.

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