This book resource section contains all the books written by and about the Krays twins. Pictures usually consist of the most up to date published cover/edition.

Books by The TwinsEdit


Our Story Fred Dinenage (Foreword), Reggie Kray, Ronnie Kray

Hardcover 256 pages (September 26, 1988)

Publisher: Sidgwick & Jackson

ISBN: 0283995254

Books by Ronnie KrayEdit


My Story Ronnie Kray, Fred Dinenage

Hardcover 250 pages (September 10, 1993)

Publisher: Sidgwick & Jackson

ISBN: 028306109X

Books by Reggie KrayEdit

Reg Kray's Book of Slang Reggie Kray

Hardcover 64 pages (November 16, 1989)

Publisher: Sidgwick & Jackson

ISBN: 0283999152


Born Fighter Reggie Kray

Hardcover 256 pages (September 1990)

Publisher: Century

ISBN: 0712639748

Villains We Have Known Reggie Kray

Paperback 192 pages (November 7, 1996)

Publisher: Arrow

ISBN: 009979781X

A Way of Life by Reg Kray (book)
A Way of Life: Over Thirty Years of Blood, Sweat and Tears Reggie Kray

Hardcover 224 pages (October 6, 2000)

Publisher: Sidgwick & Jackson

ISBN: 0283073195

Reggie Kray's East End Stories: The lost memoirs of the gangland legend Reggie Kray

Hardcover 256 pages (28 April 2011))

Publisher: Sphere

ISBN: 0751547107

Books by Charlie KrayEdit


Doing the Business Colin Fry, Charlie Kray

Hardcover 240 pages (April 1993)

Publisher: Smith Gryphon

ISBN: 1856850374


Me and My Brothers Charlie Kray, Robin McGibbon

Hardcover 256 pages (October 14, 1976)

Publisher: Everest Books

ISBN: 0905018141

Books by The Firm and associatesEdit

Krays albertdonoghue

The Enforcer: Secrets of My Life with the Krays Albert Donoghue, Martin Short

Hardcover 270 pages (12 January, 1996)

Publisher: Blake Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1857824024


Murder Without Conviction: Inside the World of the Krays John Dickson

Hardcover 176 pages (October 16, 1986)

Publisher: Sidg. & J

ISBN: 028399407X


The Brotherhood Leslie Payne

Hardcover 173 pages (May 7, 1973)

Publisher: Michael Joseph

ISBN: 0718107543


Inside the Firm: The Untold Story of the Krays' Reign of Terror Tony Lambrianou

Hardcover 224 pages (April 15, 1991)

Publisher: Smith Gryphon

ISBN: 1856850013


The Kray Madness Chris Lambrianou, Robin McGibbon

Hardcover 352 pages (July 21, 1995)

Publisher: Sidgwick & Jackson

ISBN: 0283062584


Getting Away with Murder Lenny Hamilton, Craig Cabell

Paperback 256 pages, Reprint edition (7 Jan. 2016)

Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1786060256

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Branded by Ronnie Kray Lenny Hamilton

Hardcover 336 pages (February 2002)

Publisher: Blake Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1903402786


Krazy Days Micky Fawcett

Paperback 230 pages (30 July 2014)

Publisher: Pen Press

ISBN: 178003525X

Books About The KraysEdit


The Profession of Violence: Rise and Fall of the Kray Twins John Pearson

Hardcover 233 pages (November 2, 1972)

Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson

ISBN: 0297995847


The Cult of Violence: The Untold Story of the Krays John Pearson

Hardcover 272 pages (October 8, 2001)

Publisher: Orion

ISBN: 0752838733


Krayology John Bennett

Hardcover 272 pages (21 January, 2016)

Publisher: Mango Books

ISBN: 0993180639

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