All Saints Church or also known as Chingford Old Church is a Grade II* listed Church of England church at Old Church Road, Chingford, E4.

It dates to the 12th century and it is the place where Violet Kray's highly attended funeral was held on the 11th August 1982, where Charlie Kray and a frail Charles Kray also attended, followed by Ronnie and Reggie, this being the first time the twins had been seen in public since their arrest in 1969.


All Saints, commonly known as the Old Church, served as the parish church until 1844. The building has Norman origins, although the present building dates from the late 13th century. The tower was added in the 14th century and the porch in 1547, paid for by the pawning of the church plate.

By the 1840s, the church (which had become known as the ‘Green Church’ because of the ivy that had climbed the walls and roof and became a famous subject for Romantic art had fallen into such a state of deterioration that it became necessary to abandon it. The church fell out of any use until its restoration in 1930.

Today, after further and more recent restoration, the church stands as a beautiful reminder of Chingford’s past. It is well worth a visit and continues to form a vital and living part of today’s Parish. The Hall and Church are full of activity during the week with choir rehearsals, guides, brownies, slimming world and keep fit classes.

Charles Kray was later buried here in 1983, but the twins decided not to attend, due to the large mass of people that swarmed the church for their mother's funeral.


Ronnie enters the church, shortly followed by Reggie, both heavily guarded by tall prison officers, in 1982.

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