Chunky morgan

Chunky Morgan lifting up two Kray associates in Bethnal Green, east London

John ‘Chunky’ Morgan was a tall and broad man from Bethnal Green, East London. He was the brother of Dickie Morgan and a childhood friend of the twins.

After his father John had just been imprisoned for his part in a warehouse raid where he was a night watchman, Morgan served time in Parkhurst Gaol where he made a name for himself in a riot at Portland Borstal organized by a young Frank Mitchell. Morgan served briefly on The Firm after his release from prison but there is little information about him during the 1960s, perhaps due to imprisonment. He lived at 32 Clinton Road in Mile End with his parents and brother Dickie Morgan, where the Krays often stayed at during their desertion from the army.


Ronnie Kray (left) with Morgan during the late 1950s.


Morgan (at the back) with the twins, c. 1950s

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