Fred: The Godfather of British Crime is a 2018 biopic of the life of Freddie Foreman, a somber and intimate portrait of notorious villain, now aged 85 and seeking a catharsis from his sins.


One of the last living gangsters of a bygone era, Freddie Foreman, now 86, made his name on the streets of the East End. Tried on two separate occasions for murder with convictions for armed robbery and disposal of a body – this is a film about the man behind the notorious gangster nickname, ‘Brown Bread Fred’. Once regarded as the godfather of the Sixties criminal scene, Freddie is clearly a shrewd operator, yet in this film, as much is learned from a sideways glance, his hesitations and broken retractions. As the film unfolds, you begin to wonder how he really feels now as he looks back on his life; with the years spent in prison, the wrecked relationships, the untold destruction to his victims – does he feel it was all worth it?

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