Freddie Foreman
Other names
Brown Bread Fred
5 March 1932
Battersea, London (aged 85)
Cause of death
Publican, hitman, armed robber
The Firm (occasionally)
Jamie Foreman, Gregory Foreman, Danielle Foreman
Maureen Foreman

Frederick Gerald Foreman (born 5 March 1932) is a convicted English criminal involved in the disposal of the body of Jack "the Hat" McVitie (killed by Reggie Kray) and for which he was sentenced to ten years in prison.

He was a prominent figure in 1960s London gangland activity, and was well respected throughout the capital and was nicknamed "Brown Bread Fred". He was later convicted of handling the proceeds from the Shoreditch Security Express robbery of 1983, which at the time was the largest cash robbery in the UK. For which he received nine years in prison.


Early life Edit

Born at 22 Sheepcote Lane, Battersea in March 1932 to Herbert Albert Foreman, an Irishman. 22 Sheepcote Lane was a terraced two-up and two-down house, sharing a bedroom with four of his brothers, situated nearby The Flag pub. Foreman was involved in violence from a young age. He was known for his involvement with audacious criminal plans, one of which was the murder of Frank 'The Mad Axeman' Mitchell – a British criminal previously befriended by Ronnie Kray when they served a sentence together at Wandsworth prison.

Criminal activity Edit

Foreman was involved in the Shoreditch Security Express robbery of 1983, which at the time was the largest cash robbery in the UK. For his part in it, he received nine years in prison. At the time of the Kray's arrest, he was thirty-six, and licensee of The Prince Of Wales, Lant Street in Southwark
Foreman in 1965.
Foreman also confessed to the murders of Frank "Mad Axeman" Mitchell, and of Tommy "Ginger" Marks in the 1960s in revenge for the shooting of his brother (shot in the legs). He had been acquitted of the murders at an Old Bailey trial in the 1960s where he was listed as living at Red Post Hill, Dulwich, London. He additionally claimed to have intimidated witnesses to the killing of George Cornell in the Blind Beggar Pub in Whitechapel by Ronnie Kray and to having been a hitman for the Kray twins.

Arrest and conviction Edit

Pat connolly-windsor

Pat Connolly, George Sewell, Barbara Windsor with Freddie Foreman (far right) during the 1960s.

He was tried on two separate occasions for murder, and found not guilty, and has convictions for handling the proceeds of an armed robbery and separately for disposing of a body. Foreman also admitted to the murders of Frank "Mad Axeman" Mitchell, and of Tommy "Ginger" Marks during the 1960s in his autobiography, Respect, in revenge for the shooting of his brother who had been shot in the legs. He had been acquitted of these murders at an Old Bailey trial in the 1960s. Foreman moved to Spain after he left prison.

Later life Edit

Freddie forman 00585-cropped

Foreman in 2017, in a promo image for his biopic.

He is the father of actor Jamie Foreman, Gregory Foreman and Danielle Foreman. It was announced in 2018, that a biopic documentary will be made on Foreman, directed by his son Jamie.

Foreman’s team approached Salon after seeing its work on underworld documentary “The Guv’nor,” and subsequent movie “My Name is Lenny.” Rather than glamorizing Foreman’s life of crime, “Fred” is billed as a somber and intimate look at the notorious villain towards the end of his life. “Fred” was written, and is directed by, Salon’s Paul Van Carter.

Literature Edit

  • Foreman, Freddie (2007). Brown Bread Fred: the autobiography of the godfather of British crime. John Blake Publishing Ltd.

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