"An independent examination of the rise and demise of the brothers Kray: 1933-68"
―John Bennett in Krayology's Synopsis 2016

Our Story is a 2016 biographical book by John Bennett. It was first released in 2016 by Mango Books.


The book offers a factual and informative insight into the rise of the twins. Many books on the Krays are opinion based accounts from associates. This book becomes the first to offer a detailed account of the events using facts only.

"Looking at the rise of the Kray twins with a historian's eye, using a range of sources from memoirs, press reports and significantly, official files held at the National Archives and elsewhere, John Bennett takes a fresh approach to the Kray legend.... Along the way he dispels many of the myths, presents a wealth of previously unpublished information about some of the key players and major incidents in the story and independently reassesses the Kray twins' lives, activities and legacy. This is the often-told story of the Krays as you've never heard it told before."

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