Manny fryde

Manny Fryde in the 1965 interview with the twins, Reggie Kray sits to his left.

Emmanuel "Manny" Fryde was a qualified solicitor who worked as a clerk in the criminal practice of Sampson and Co, near the Old Bailey.


Old Manny Fryde was the Kray's legal representative in various cases throughout their criminal career, and also represented Albert Donoghue and many other members of The Firm in the trail in 1969. He can be seen in the BBC News interview footage from 5th April 1965, speaking about the trail for interrogation with the twins.

Fryde had long acted for some of London's major criminals, and his clients included the Nash family and the Kray twins. In 1964, Fryde was involved in the Krays' defence against allegations of blackmail in the Hideaway Club case, of which they were acquitted. In 1969, although Fryde was still nominally in charge, it was Ralph Haeems who prepared the twins' defence against the murder charges of Jack McVitie and George Cornell. Fryde retired in 1973.

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