Ormsby street

Ormsby Street is a long street situated in Hoxton, East London. Frances Shea was born at number 57, where her family lived. A long street of humble terraced cottages, the road is sandwiched between the Hackney and Kingsland Roads. Reggie first met Frances Shea on the doorstep of her family home. Sometimes, Reggie would literally spy on Frances and on one occasion, as he sat unnoticed in a car opposite her house in Ormsby Street, he watched as a man dropped her off in his car. The number plate of the vehicle was taken down and a car dealer friend found out the name and address of the owner.

Both Ormsby Street and the stretch of Vallance Road that the twins and their families had called home since 1939 were now under compulsory purchase orders. Tower Hamlets Council were about to undertake a major slum-clearance program across the borough and great swathes of the East End, much of which had miraculously survived the Blitz, were bulldozed and replaced by modern developments throughout the late 1960s and well into the following decade.

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