Here is a list of all known resources on the Krays:


Written by The KraysEdit

Reggie KrayEdit

  • Born Fighter
  • East End Stories
  • A Way of Life
  • Thoughts: Philosophy and Poetry
  • Book of Slang

Ronnie KrayEdit

  • My Story (Also includes a chapter by Kate Kray)

Charlie KrayEdit

  • Doing the Business
  • The Krays and Me

Kate Kray (Ron’s wife)Edit

  • Men of Violence: The Twins
  • Free at Last: The Twins

Roberta Kray (Reg’s wife)Edit

  • A Man Apart

Written by othersEdit

The following books are written about the Krays by other individuals. This list will continue to be updated. Please note: not all books are legitimate sources of factual information and may contain biased opinions, false information, or unconfirmed facts/rumours. Read at your own discretion.

  • The Krays and Me: Doing Porridge with the Krays by Charles Bronson
  • Ronnie Kray: A Man Among Men by Laurie O'Leary
  • Krayzy Days by Micky Fawcett
  • Getting Away with Murder by Lenny Hamiliton
  • The Krays: A Violent Business by Colin Fry
  • The Krays: The Final Countdown by Colin Fry
  • Kray Twins Walk: London East Gangland Tour by Paul Kenneth Garner
  • Calling Time on the Krays: The Barmaid’s Tale by Mrs. X
  • From the Cradle to the Grave by Wayne Lear
  • Inside the Firm by Tony Lambrianou
  • Escape from the Kray Madness by Chris Lambrianou
  • The Enforcer: Secrets of My Life with the Krays by Albert Donoghue and Martin Short
  • The Krays: Their Life Behind Bars by Robin McGibbon
  • The Krays: Unfinished Business by Martin Fido
  • Running with the Krays by Riley Webb
  • Inside the Kray Family by Joe Lee and Rita Smith (the Twin’s cousins)
  • Bringing Down the Krays by Bobby Teale
  • Murder without Conviction by John Dickson
  • The Profession of Violence by John Pearson
  • The Cult of Violence by John Pearson
  • Notorious by John Pearson
  • The Krays: Not Guilty Your Honour by J.H. Gaines
  • Frances: The Tragic Bride by Jacky Hyames
  • One of the Family: 40 Years with the Krays by Maureen Flanagan



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