Sam lederman

Ronnie Kray with Sam Lederman and Joe Louis, during the 1960s.


Teddy Smith with Micky Fawcett, Johnny Davis, Reggie Kray, Freddie Mills, Ronnie Kray, Dickie Morgan and Sammy Lederman (far right) at Freddie Mills’ Nite Spot.

Samuel Lederman was a theatre promoter and former Jack Spot sidekick from Soho, who was an early member of The Firm. He was a small, older man and a one-time Whitechapel thief who was now a long-time resident of Soho, where he worked as a self-styled theatrical agent. Sammy Lederman was a link to the West End and celebrities who could raise the Kray profile.

He gave evidence against the twins at their trial in 1969.

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