Lorraine Stanley, portraying the Barmaid in Legend, 2015.

The Barmaid or also known as Mrs X during the Kray twins trial, was a young woman from East London who worked at The Blind Beggar public house when the shooting of George Cornell took place.

She failed to pick Ronnie out of the police lineup when questioned as a witness, but was the final blow against the twins in their court case, where she revealed all about the shooting.

She wrote a book in 1997, documenting the control the twins had on the local area at the time of Cornell's shooting. The blurb reads:

At 8.30pm on 6th March, 1966, Ronnie Kray shot George Cornell in the Blind Beggar pub, Mile End Road. The principal witness, a young barmaid, eventually agreed to give evidence at the trial of the Kray twins, evidence that was crucial in securing a conviction. Since that time, she was kept silent about her ordeal after the killing when she was a marked woman and about the years since, with a new identity, moving from safe house to safe house. However, her story is not just that of a witness, it is also the story of young girl growing up in the East End.

Publications[edit | edit source]

  • Calling Time on the Krays: The Barmaids Tale, with James Morton, Sphere Publishing Ltd, 6th March 1997

Lorraine Stanley as The Barmaid and Ronnie Kray (played by Tom Hardy) in Legend, 2015.

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