The Crown & Anchor stood on 147 Cheshire Street, Bethnal Green, on what is now the corner of Chester and Kelsey Streets after the redevelopment of the Cheshire Street area, and was closed down and demolished in 1972.


Albert Donoghue was shot in the leg by Reggie Kray in this pub on the 15th September 1964, after he made threats against the twins. This subsequently led to him joining The Firm.

The landlord of the Crown and Anchor was interviewed by the police and, obviously understanding what was expected of him by the Krays, denied all knowledge of any trouble involving guns in his pub in seven years as the licensee. It was the staunch way in which Donoghue dealt with his situation that obviously impressed the Krays and therefore, like his brother-in-law Billy Donovan and a number of others before him, this supposed ‘loyalty’ and understanding of the criminal code resulted in a job offer with the Firm.

A meeting with the twins, Charlie Kray and Tommy Cowley was held in the Crown & Anchor.

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