The Double R Club was a nightclub in Bow named after the twins whilst Ronnie Kray was imprisoned for assault. The club was a business initially set up by Reggie and Charlie Kray during the late 1950s.

History[edit | edit source]

Reggie Kray acquired the club in 1957. The twins already owned the billiard hall on Eric Street, The Regal, and business was going well. The building was situated at 145 Bow Road and was in need of repair and redecoration. After gathering the needed legal paperwork and licences, Reggie and Charlie took joint partnership over the business as his twin was in prison. It officially opened on Wednesday 6th May 1957, and was a place for East End people to enjoy like the West End of London. There was live music and a jukebox, with a car park and gymnasium and boxing ring upstairs. Many celebrities visited the club including Jackie Collins, George Sewell and Barbara Windsor. It was alleged when he was released from prison, Ronnie Kray brought a donkey and dwarves into the club, which affected the atmosphere and dwindled custom.

The Black Swan was a short walk from the club, which was also frequented by the Krays. Today, the place where the Double R once stood is now the playground of a school, close to the plaque for the Bryant & May Testimonial Fountain.

References[edit | edit source]

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