The Green Gate was a public house at number 230 on the Bethnal Green Road in Bethnal Green, East London, England.


The Green Gate was situated at 230 Bethnal Green Road. This long-established pub was present before 1810; indeed its name suggests it was here when Bethnal Green had a rather more rural appearance than it does today. In the twentieth century, it was tied to the Taylor Walker Brewery.

The KraysEdit

In the 1960s, the twins were drinking peacefully in the pub, both sitting at the bar on the barstools. Ronnie was drinking gin and tonic when three other men came in and stood behind him and started to agitate him by making bad remarks. Ronnie stood down from the barstool, hit one man with a right hook, the other with a left hook, knocking them both out. Reggie then grabbed the men by the collars and threw them out onto the pavement outside the pub. This memory stuck with Reggie who mentioned the incident in a telephone interview in 1995, when asked about his most memorable memories of Ronnie Kray, leading up to his funeral.


The former pub today, sadly a cheap supermarket.

Closure and recent yearsEdit

It closed as a pub in 1995 due to a gradual decrease in custom, and has been used ever since as a cheap Asian supermarket, with the only hint of the pub being the small hanging sign, at the top left of the building.

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