The Old Horns was a public house that was situated at 68 Warner Place. The pub was known as a Kray stronghold, where the twins and all The Firm would often congregate.

A little further afield from their home at 178 Vallance Road, the pub was situated at Warner Place, off the Hackney Road, which was run by the twins’ old boxing friend Teddy Berry.

History[edit | edit source]

This former Watney’s Brewery pub was present by 1872 as the Old Horns. In the 1881 census, numbering jumps from 70 to 28 Warner Place, under which this is listed, but latterly becomes renumbered to 68; This pub closed in 1997 and is now used by a school. In its latter years it passed through a series of names, including Warners and Jeremiah Bullfrog. It is a pub that was strongly associated with the Kray Twins, who spent their last night of freedom together here before being arrested on the morning of 8th May 1968.

A photograph taken by David Bailey in The Old Horns in 1968. Bailey was more than likely visiting the twins.

The Battle of The Old Horns[edit | edit source]

The pub itself was deep in the Krays's manor, and one night of violence finally erupted with Billy and Ron Webb after a meeting took a turn for the worse. According to his version, the Webb brothers were set upon by the twins and their henchmen. Outnumbered 20 to one both the Webbs were badly beaten up, suffering severe head injuries. According to Billy Webb, his brother never really recovered and he attributes his early death to the fight at the Old Horns. Tony Lambrianou first met the Krays at this pub.

Closure and present day[edit | edit source]

By 1983 the name had been changed to Warners. It was again renamed, Jeremiah Bullfrog, in around 1990 and closed in 1997 due to a gradual decrease in custom. The premises now house a Montessori School.

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