Vallance Road is a significant road running north-south from Bethnal Green Road to Whitechapel Road. The Krays lived at 178 Vallance Road from 1939 (the house is now demolished).

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Looking north over Vallance Rd (left) and Hemming St (right), 1957, London E1 (Whitechapel), E2 (Bethnal Green). Designated part of the B108.

Vallance Road in the Whitechapel area of Tower Hamlets, in London’s East End, is an area steeped in history. The road was home to the Hughes Mansions, partially destroyed by the last V2 rocket ever to fall on London at the end of the Second World War in 1945. A small number of Victorian buildings remain standing on the southernmost section of the road, in the area known at the time of the infamous Jack the Ripper as Baker’s Row. East End gangsters Ronald and Reginald Kray lived with their family at 178 Vallance Road from 1939, although the house is now demolished. Few of the old Victorian houses remain, but a small number of survivors were left standing after World War Two and have recently been saved from demolition by residents, who have successfully petitioned for their restoration.

CbVallance Road 3 January 1957

Vallance Road 3 January 1957.

Its southernmost section was called Baker's Row as far as the junction with Hanbury Street. It then continued northwards as Charles Street, New Charles Street, Wellington Street and White Street. Charles Street was later incorporated into Baker's Row when the latter was widened in the late 19th Century. Eventually, all the streets were renumbered and renamed Vallance Road on 21st January 1896. It was named after W. Vallance, clerk to the Metropolitan Board of Guardians.

It was the site of the Whitechapel Union Infirmary (on its eastern side) which eventually became St. Peter's Hospital in 1924 and was demolished in the 1950s. Nearby Hughes Mansions (built 1929) were partially demolished by a V2 rocket on 27th March 1945. It was the last explosive device of the war to fall on London and resulted in 134 deaths.

Vallance Road 03

A shot from the 1955 film, A Kid for Two Farthings, in which some filmed in Vallance Road. Fort Vallance can be seen on the right, all of which is now demolished.


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